Hello success !

We are here to help.

In the counselor Success, we help our counselor to become more successful and get more clients. This program is free to all the counselors that join Kounsel.

We promote counselor services to prospective clients.

Prospective clients get insights, how counselor handle remote counseling sessions.

The community receives free professional support!



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about the program?

Contact us at any time at


You can contact success@kounsel.io and let the team know you are interested in being part of the success program. After that, your background will be evaluated and we will contact you as soon as we make a decision.
There is no cost to participate in the success program. Kounsel takes care of all the cost associated with this program.
Success program tailored to help our counselors to get more clients and to expand their business. On the other side, It provides an opportunity for the community to ask questions directly to a licensed professional in convenient settings. This allows people to get help, which they are unable to seek due to financials and other problems.
We will promote you to the audience who has the potential to be your client. For example, if you have licensed from California and New York, we will focus on marketing and advertising your services on those states. And, we will continue to do so, even after the program ends.
We are trying to focus on counselors, who require our help or in the early stage of their career. If you have proven to have a good clientele, with an established business, we might put you on the backlog.
Yes, absolutely. You can promote these videos as you like.
Kounsel owns the copyrights of your live media.
Yes, you can invite people to join the app and look for you in case they are interested in consulting with you.
The live event will be hosted on kounsel.live and simultaneously broadcast to Kounsel pages on social media as well. You will be able to interact with users from all those platforms and answer their questions.
No, the program is only for the counselors who are active in Kounsel app.